Did you know you only have 8 seconds before a potential buyer decides if they are interested in your home?

And THAT is why street appeal is so important when selling. If your home looks great from the street, buyers will be dying to see what’s inside (rather than driving by and deciding to move straight on to the next property on their list).

To assess your home’s street appeal I’d recommend you walk across the road and take a long, critical look … trying to be as objective as possible. What looks great? What needs fixing or replacing? Does your home need a little more love or ‘wow’ factor?


Whenever you are prepping an area of your home for sale, rule number one is to always start with decluttering – and the front of your home is no exception.

Lose the eyesores 

Look to remove strongly personal items, scattered clutter and rubbish. The most common things that need to be removed are: garden hoses, door mats, scattered planters in old, plastic pots and kids toys/bikes (including the rusty basketball hoop).

Add a fence

You can add a strong presence to your home simply by lining the front with a decorative and functional front fence. It can ‘create’ a front yard (that your buyers didn’t see before!), establish a sense of security, and of course add more character and style.

TIP: Make sure the style you choose matches – and enhances – the character of your home.

Image source: Whetstone Windows & Doors


This is one area of the exterior you can’t afford to ignore – and you’re bound to recoup any time, energy and money you spend on the front garden come sale time.

Spruce up the garden

It needs to look immaculate. A good place to start is with trimming back any overgrown foliage. It doesn’t matter how attractive your home is if no one can see it. Trees, branches, and shrubs can obscure your home’s best features and make it seem dark and uninviting.

It’s also important to clear out the weeds, add fresh mulch to garden beds and incorporate some new plantings to add colour and eliminate any ‘dead’ spots – ensuring the front garden looks balanced and inviting.

TIP: If this all sounds too hard (or you don’t have a green thumb … like me!), there are landscaping professionals who specialise in prepping gardens for sale. They can makespecific recommendations for your garden, provide a cost estimate, and then carry out all the work required.


Many would-be buyers drive past a home before deciding to inspect it – another reason to maximise street appeal.

Light it up

While your property is on the market you should leave the lights on at night (both inside and out) to make your house appear warmer and more inviting for would-be buyers who are driving by.

Of course, you could also consider updating the existing light fixtures (if the current ones are a little dated), or adding extra fixtures for even more light and impact.

Image source: Impress Photography


A welcoming entrance will generate those feel good vibes you need to get a would-be buyer across the line. A show-stopping entryway will take it one step further – your house will be the standout a buyer remembers.

Add a welcoming seating area

If you have a decent-sized front deck or verandah, you have the perfect opportunity to create another living space that adds value in the eyes of your buyer. Think about adding a couple of chairs, a teak bench, a cafe table or even an ottoman, some luxurious cushions, and a few well-chosen accessories. But make sure you position the furniture so that it doesn’t block any doorways or windows.

TIP: If you have the space, always use two occasional chairs (rather than one), for even more perceived value.

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