A beautiful home simply makes you feel happy.
It inspires you and gives you a deep sense of belonging. When you love your home it fills you with joy, and you feel proud to share it with family and friends.
It’s where memories are made.

But creating that beautiful home is harder than it looks. It can be a long, painful process – and often, styling your home just feels like hard work!

There are the endless shopping trips searching for the right pieces (with a husband who hates shopping!). Confusion over what to choose. Fear that you will make another expensive mistake and discover that your new sofa is simply the wrong colour – or the wrong size – when it is delivered.

That is exactly why we created the Mink Design Service.
We want to take away your stress and confusion. We want to remove the pain and instead guide you through the process – so you can experience your perfect home every day.

We know the journey well. We have taken this path many times before. So we know the biggest pitfalls, the common mistakes – but most importantly we see the opportunities your home offers! We can show you how to take your existing spaces and really make them shine.

You may just need a few accessories for your coffee table, or someone to help you select the perfect sofa for your living room or you may want a designer to design a complete interior fitout for your home.

Whatever the scope of your project, we would love to work with you…we would love to show you what’s possible.

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