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Mink can help you identify and prioritize the necessary presentation projects required to get your home ready for sale.

Premium Property Styling has become a key strategy for many sellers, many of them using property styling for the first time.

The first step is a free assessment. At this meeting we can offer you a wealth of knowledge and advice about the exact things you should do to prepare your home for sale…the things that will create a very profitable ROI – and, more importantly, the things you should NOT do…the things that will not increaset your sales price at all (and are therefore a big waste of time and money).

A senior Mink Stylist will walk through your entire property and discuss every space with you. They will identify the target buyer demographic, the most important selling features of your home that need to be showcased and also the likely customer objections (so these can be resolved BEFORE your property hits the market).

Let us maximise the sale price of your property – no matter what the budget, size or condition…