Most people think that we only style very beautiful, upmarket homes…but that’s not the case. Every home deserves to look its absolute best during a sales campaign – and sometimes our biggest transformations are with lower-end properties.

Like this one. I love this story.

Aaron (our client) did a quick renovation on a 3 bedroom Cleveland property, with a view to selling it as soon as it was finished… He did all the right things – he chose light neutral colours for the floors and walls, installed a fresh, white kitchen and landscaped the front garden to create a strong first impression. But the biggest problem was the living rooms were really quite small. When we first talked about it, Aaron expressed his concern about this, and in fact our brief was to make the rooms look much bigger than they really were! (Of course I told him that wasn’t a problem – we did that all the time :)) He sent through the floorplans via email, and we could immediately see that there were some potential concerns with these rooms.

But we put our marketing hats on and decided we were able to create two beautiful living spaces in this property. And we know that showing buyers two living spaces ALWAYS adds value.

So, we furnished the main living room (at the front of the home) as a formal sitting room, and created a more family-friendly TV space at the back. We used light-coloured furniture in the sitting room and positioned it around the perimeter to keep it looking open and spacious. It the dining area we chose crisp, white dining furniture and a round, glass dining table to make this space look larger too.

Once we got the basic furniture layout working, we used some green and blue accents to make it feel fresh and contemporary and finally added bold artwork, textures and accessories to give it some warmth…

And the other thing you might be interested to know is that we didn’t even see the property in person before styling it (clever, right?). As it was such a simple job for us, Aaron only needed to send through a floor plan and some images of each room.

That was it. We arrived with the furniture package on install day and he didn’t have to do anything else except watch the magic of styling unfold.

Of course, this home really stood out from the competition and sold at the very first open home.

The sale was all over in a matter of weeks, and today the crew went back and collected our furniture.

That is my idea of a dream sale. And even though it wasn’t big, grand or fancy, it was super-effective.

Have a sticky beak at the final look and the amazing before and after images!

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