As property stylists, our job is to create beautiful homes that add value and sell fast. We want to make your sale process as easy as possible by styling homes that engage buyers and let them visualise a truly beautiful life in your home. Here are five big reasons why property styling will increase your sale price.



People shop with logic, but will buy with emotion

When looking for a home, buyers will start out with a logical shopping list of all the things they want in their home. For example,

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Large garden
  • Close to schools
  • Double garage

And armed with their list, they begin their property hunt. They visit many homes, looking for everything on the list. Until, they come across a property that they fall in love with. As soon as they walk in, it just feels right, and feels like home. They immediately notice the soft, luxurious rug in the living room, the way the dappled light filters through the front windows, the beautiful master suite, and imagine themselves sitting in the rumpus room enjoying a Friday night movie with the family.

All of a sudden the fact that there is only a medium sized garden doesn’t seem so important any more. They will justify the fact that they don’t really need a large garden… not when they can enjoy the big family room and luxurious master suite. This is the home they will pay a premium price for. And they will want to move fast – to secure the property before anyone else does.



Your home will stand out from the competition

Home styling will make your property the one that buyers remember. You are always competing against other properties. Whatever area or price-range your property is in, your potential buyers will look at all the comparable properties in that price range. If you don’t capture their interest, they will simply move onto the next.

It works in a slow market

In a slow real estate market, styling is critical because you need to do something to motivate buyers – otherwise there is simply no pressure on them to make an offer quickly. But if your home stands out from the competition, and a buyer falls in love with it, they will be afraid that somebody else might buy their ‘dream home’. They will be motivated to take action sooner.


It works in a hot market

In a hot market, buyers become even more concerned that someone else will snap up the best properties before them. If your home is the one that looks fabulous – and everyone wants it – this encourages multiple offers, and can even create bidding wars… evey sellers dream.

Styled homes attract more buyers

The internet has become a major player in the real estate market. 90% of buyers shop online first, and once again, you need to make sure your property stands out over the masses of competition. Stunning, well photographed interiors, will certainly attract attention and encourage buyers to come and visit your property.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to see how we can increase your sale price.

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