That all important first impression begins with what we like to call, ‘curb side appeal’. Curb side appeal is all about making the outside of your home look its absolute best (along with the inside) to wow your potential buyers so that they just can’t wait to come inside and see more.

Here are some great ways to get your outdoor space ready to sell.

Wash your house

House washing is a cost-effective way to get your house looking 5 years younger. And we’re not talking big bucks for this service. A few hundred dollars might save you from having to paint the whole property. Whites are whiter, colours are brighter… and no rollers or brushes required.

Add some fresh colour

It’s amazing how much better homes look with a fresh coat of paint. This really does give you the biggest bang for your buck. If your budget is tight, even a touch-up to the most obvious parts of the property can do wonders. Think front verandahs, steps, fences – all the places your buyers will see first.


Kitchen 1


Shed some new light

Exterior light fittings can become weathered and tired without us even noticing. Replace them with new bright fittings to give your home that ‘brand-new’ feel. Just be sure that the style of the fittings matches the style of your house.

Get your numbers right

Shiny new house numbers can give your house a really upmarket feel. Whether you want to make a bold design statement or simply update the old ones – fresh, new house numbers will make your home feel loved and important.

Remember to declutter.

You must de-clutter the interior of your home, as well as the exterior. Remove old bikes, pots, bins, rakes/brooms, old bits of wood etc. When you are done, you will be amazed at how spacious your new garden looks.



Get your green on

A freshly-tended garden bed can bring tons of appeal to the exterior of your home. People may not notice the specific details of your garden, but they will feel it. Overgrown gardens will make buyers feel that your home has not been well-maintained, and makes them wonder what else may be wrong with it.

Remember your driveway

Driveways can often be neglected. If they are stained and dirty, a simple solution is to invest a few hours of your time and give them a power-wash. This will make a huge difference and give your driveway a younger look. You’ll be wondering why you never did it before.

Clean your windows

Clean windows add to the sparkle of a well-presented house. Buyers may not even notice them – but they certainly will if they are dirty.



Create a living room outside

Every outdoor living space deserves beautiful furniture. By creating a fabulous outdoor living space, it will double the entertaining space your home offers, and therefore increase the value of your property. Showcase your deck by adding a beautiful dining setting, or a big rattan lounge complete with colourful cushions and lanterns.

Once you understand the principles you will soon realise just how easy it is to create that ‘curb side appeal’ and be selling your property in no time.

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