Everyone loves the enticing allure of a beautiful bathroom, so when styling, your goal is to re-create a five star hotel experience.

When styling a bathroom, you need to clear away all the everyday clutter to create a sense of calm. Everything must be spotless and immaculate, as this creates the impression that your home has been well-maintained and well-loved.

Clear your surfaces

Clear all surfaces of old, half-used toiletries and bathroom supplies. Buyers do not want to see your personal hygiene products. In fact, this can make them feel as though they are intruding on your personal space, which is not ideal.

Remove unnecessary items 

Remove all items that imply housework, and maintenance, such as toilet brushes, sponges, cleaners, wastepaper baskets. Yes, these are essential for everyday living, but do not create a beautiful five-star hotel experience for your buyers.

Don’t forget the scales

Don’t remind your buyers of the extra kilos they are trying to lose, remove the bathroom scales to reflect that hotel luxury and create additional floor space.



Maximise storage

Your buyers will be nosy and look in cupboards to see how much space they offer. Ensure all cupboards and cabinets are only half to two-thirds full, and well-organised.

BONUS TIP: If you need to store toiletries, keep them in a box or basket with a lid to avoid a tidal wave of trinkets taking over the counter.

Make minor upgrades


Spruce up your bathroom by repainting the walls, replacing leaking/worn taps, updating the hardware on your cabinets, installing fresh, new light fittings and updating towel rails. These upgrades wont break the bank, and will make your bathroom look five years younger.

Hang luxury towels

Hang thick, white, luxury towels on the towel rails. Brand new is best, once towels have been washed, they never quite look the same. Its a great idea to keep your new towels for display only. Pack them away in between buyer inspections and reinstate them just before your buyers arrive.



Accessorise with style

When choosing bathroom accessories, keep them simple and luxurious. Place a luxury soap in the shower (brand new), consider adding a plant for a pop of colour. A single stem of your favourite boom, or even a small planter will look understated and elegant. Other ideas include, some white candles in a stylish candle holder, or a simple wooden tray to display a selection of beautiful bath products.

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