“Why don’t I just leave my home empty? Won’t it look bigger?

The short answer is ‘NO’.

There are three big reasons why selling an empty home is a big mistake and could cost you a lot more than you think. It has been proven that styled homes sell 50% faster and sell for 7-17% more. Styling your property allows you to present it at is absolute best before you put it on the market and showing your buyers the lifestyle it offers. It means tapping into their dreams and desires and having them fall in love with your home.

Empty rooms look smaller than furnished rooms

Often people think its the other way around and that by adding furniture they will be losing ‘space’. But this is simply not true. When small living rooms are styled with furniture, the transformation is most dramatic. Statistically, you have 30 seconds before your potential buyers decide if they are interested in your home or not. So, you must immediately ‘wow’ your buyers.

Empty rooms confuse buyers

People struggle to visualise how furniture will fit into a room if you don’t show them. Buyers will not be able to walk into an empty home and know where to position their sofa, what size dining table will fit, if there’s room for a breakfast nook – or even the best place for their TV. As property stylists we furnish each room with the best possible layout to eliminate buyer confusion and show them exactly how to use each space. The buyer won’t walk away wondering if they can fit a king bed in the bedroom, or how much seating they can fit on the outdoor deck. They can see it. And know that the spaces will work for them. It gives them confidence.

Empty rooms have no warmth or emotion

Bare walls, floors and ceilings are not engaging or exciting and lack emotional response from buyers. As well as this, empty rooms highlight property defects. The scratches on the polished floorboards, the dirty marks on the walls and the chipped paint on the window sills. There is nothing else to look at. Buyers will actually spend up to 15 minutes longer in your home if it is beautifully styled. Rather than just poking their head in each room before living to visit the next on the list, they will linger. They will connect with your property and will be able to imagine themselves living in every gorgeous room.

As you can see, selling an empty home is simply not an option. By leaving your home empty you could be losing money, wasting time and  missing out on a large market of potential buyers. Leave it to our team of beautiful stylists at Mink Home to transform your property today.

For help with all your styling needs, contact our director, Deb, at deb@minkhome.com.au