When staging the master bedroom, you are really creating a sanctuary for your buyers. Look at your master bedroom like a luxury hotel suite. A room they can come home to relax, unwind and enjoy as their own personal haven. 

Here are some step-by-step tricks to help you create the perfect master bedroom.

  • Large master suits are a fantastic selling feature for your home. Start by determining the best position for the bed that will make the room feel most spacious
  • Chose calm and restful colours for the linen. Something that appeals to both sexes. A common mistake is for it to be too floral and feminine so it only appeals to women.
  • Add colour, texture and interest by layering with a throw rug, European pillows and well chosen scatter cushions. Be careful not to over-style the bed with too many cushions, as this can make the bed look crowded and uninviting.

  • To make the room feel more grand, add two matching bedside tables, and two bedside lamps. This will help create an opulent haven that is luxurious and desirable
  • To strengthen the selling point of the room, place artwork above the bed. A horizontal format works best as it will be in proportion with the bed, and ensure its not too small. Two-thirds of the width of the bed is a good rule of thumb.
  • When selecting art, it is a good idea to match the colours used on the bedding – but make sure the colours don’t match ‘too well’ otherwise it can look a little ‘fake’.

  • Do make sure that your wardrobes are free from clutter – your buyers will almost certainly look in there. Have cupboards only half filled to capacity (remove clothes not being worn in the current season). Have all your shoes on racks and nothing on the floor. Ensure top shelves are perfectly clear as this creates a sense of space. If you are dedicated and want to really ‘wow’ your buyer, colour code your clothes and hang by garment type.
  • And finally, if size permits, add a corner armchair (or two) and a small side table to create a reading nook. You can also add lamps, scatter cushions and a small pile of books to give your room that little extra wow-factor.

Congratulations! You have now created a beautiful multi-purpose master suite that adds value in your buyers eyes.

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