Last month we helped a lovely home seller in West End sell her apartment in just one week.

Here’s how we did it.

After being on the market for over three long months, Alina was frustrated that her property had zero interest and zero offers. She was desperate to sell.

Alina’s apartment before property styling

Weeks passed and still no offers on the property. Alina needed to take a new approach.

She decided to approach a new agent, Sonya who recommended Mink to style her home – but Alina was really unsure and thought that property styling was a waste of money.

After meeting with Alina, we quickly realised that her furniture was dated and dark, and there was simply too much going on. Although we weren’t very popular, we knew we had to tell her the truth… and we told her that if she wanted to sell, the space needed to look more contemporary.

We styled her apartment with beautiful furniture and accessories and guess what?

It sold. After one open home. Before the auction.

Alina’s apartment after property styling

Do you think she was happy? She was shocked just how quickly her apartment sold.

And she wished that she had known about property styling when she first listed her home and saved herself those agonising three months.

So remember…

STEP 1: Find the right agent

STEP 2: Listen to what your agent says, even if you’re skeptical

STEP 3: Do the styling! Remember presentation counts

(BONUS STEP 4: Be sure to choose Mink)

So what are you waiting for?

Contact us today to see how we can create a beautiful home that sells fast.

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