The kitchen is often considered to be ‘the heart of the home’, and to many people is the most important consideration when buying property.

There is no doubt that a shabby kitchen will prevent even the most interested parties from making an offer on your home. Meanwhile a spotless, organised and updated kitchen will have offers rolling in from multiple prospective buyers.

Dining 2

The biggest part of styling a kitchen to sell, is making sure all the minor updates and maintenance is completed.  Like the bathroom, money spent here is money well spent.

Styling the kitchen is all about creating a fresh, clean up-to-date space that your buyers will enjoy using every day.

Here are some step-by-step tricks to help you create a beautiful kitchen

1. Make sure the kitchen is as light as possible. Remove any heavy, old fashioned or lace curtains and old, broken blinds. Ensure all lights are working and consider adding under-shelf lighting for even more impact.

2. Ensure the kitchen looks, smells and feels immaculate to engage a positive emotional response from buyers.

Kitchen 4

3. Declutter and tidy all storage cupboards and pantry areas. Remove excess/out-of-date products and unused utensils. Sort all remaining cupboard items so they are neat, ordered and functional. Remember, buyers will look inside your cupboards, and storage space sells.

4. Add a bar stool to a kitchen bench if you have the option. This creates more seating/living space

5. Remove all the small appliances such as kettles, toasters and knife blocks, as they take up valuable bench space and buyers look for lots of cooking and preparation space.

6. Remove the draining tray and all dishwashing liquid, sponges, soaps and plugs

7. Add a few well-chosen, simple accessories to the countertop – but not too many. Accessories can include; vases, chopping boards, small plants, recipe book, fruit bowl etc.

There you have it, the step by step style guide to kitchen success. Good luck in creating a beautiful fresh and inviting kitchen space that your buyers will be sure to love.

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