This is where it all began…

Back in 2007 I decided to take my love-affair with property to another level. I was going to be a property flipper! After completing a 12 month property mentoring program, I took on my very first reno project. I bought one of the ugliest homes I could find. It was in Wavell Heights, and I was so excited!

However, my excitement soon turned to despair as the GFC hit big time and the market spectacularly crashed. So my plans for a big renovation had to quickly change – and I needed to sell as fast as possible to avoid losing money.

So, I quickly painted, re-carpeted and remodelled the kitchen and bathroom. (I cancelled my plans for the big deck upstairs and the beautiful landscaping.) And when it was time to sell, I decided to invest $1500 on a rental furniture package and I styled the property. Every room.

I really didn’t even know what property styling was back then. I just knew I wanted to turn my ‘reno-deal’ into an irresistable home and lifestyle.

The result? The property sold for $530,000 ($35,000 over the listing price) in just 12 days. To the second group of buyers through.

I was amazed. And that was the exact moment I decided to create my company, Mink Home.

In the beginning it was tough. No one was doing it… and it was even considered a little weird. People just didn’t get it, and I had to explain the concept over and over again…both to sellers and agents.

Fast forward 10 years and I still get to create beautiful interiors every day. (And I never stop buying furniture and looking for the perfect accessory or cushion…) Sometimes I think it’s time for a change, but the problem is I can’t imagine anything else I would rather be doing (well, apart from sitting on a white, sandy beach with a fresh coconut in my hand…but that’s not really a long-term option :)).

-Deb x

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